Sustainable Agriculture-

Enhance Sustainable Productivity
“What are problems and challenges in agriculture in Myanmar”

-Limited protected areas such as greenhouse or net houses restrain the crop production all year round and cause supply and demand instability in the market. 

-Water, land and soil are limited to produce all types of crops in many regions in Myanmar


Greenhouse building

IoT #Controlling Ventilation # Data Monitoring

Usecase: Vegetable & Fruit Farm

Project package: Greenhouse building, Auto control system for ventilation and shading, Auto drip irrigation system


@KBC, Myitkyina

Hydroponic System

IoT# Controlling water flow & aeration, Irrigation & Fertigation#Data Monitoring

Two designs: DWC & NFT

Project Package: System building, Auto control system, hydroponic supplies and nutrients, training or consultation (optional).

Usecase: Leafy vegetables farm


Research and Development Purpse

& Learning Purpose

@MIndama Road, Yangon

Hydroponic Vegetable Production

Growing: Pakchoy, Mustard, Spinach, Tomatoe, Lettuce,Cucumber, Pepper,

What speciality we bring

Greenhouse:We have over 10-year experienced greenhouse builders and designers. We have built 5 greenhouses in the last two quarters. We have ready-made imported greenhouses and locally-built customized ones.

Hydroponics: We are #1 hydroponic system builder in Myanmar;developing both hardware systems and selling supplies and nutrients. We used to conduct hydroponic training and consultation monthly.  We have Hydroponic and Aquaponic Specialists and experienced practitioners and tested many hydroponic system designs in different climates and regions in Myanmar.

Market Development: To gain more know-how, experience and research by operating outdoor vegetables farm and trying to develop high-paying market for hydroponics in city area regularly. Fresh and locally-produced hydroponic vegetables are sold at Go Green, Farmer’s Market and other food supply companies. .Farm 1 and Farm 2 (Yangon Region) which are co-operated with clients are primarily used for Research and development purposes and Learning purposes

How we approach

Through technical training, farm advising and farm visits,  farmers and growers are aware of our brand and its benefits of using automatic IoT system and our brand. The demonstration of assembly helps distribution local agents, NGOs, local entrepreneurs and MOALI government departments to understand the product well and get more attention from farmers in outreach areas. 80% of users come from word of mouth and digital marketing.