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What is control system for smart agriculture?

Solar-powered control system in agriculture and food processing increase efficiency and automation through farm data analytics and control. 1) controlling motors or any electrical device by timing or scheduling 2) setting the measurement ranges depending on the technical requirements and controlling within ranges 3) reading real-time measurement levels through sensors 4) monitoring the functioning manually or automatically.  The on-site situation in farms in remote should be informed quickly and take action constantly,even labours cannot manage to do. 

Control system of smart agriculture developed by Hydro Plant Co,.Ltd is the solution for farmers to have access to control automatically or manually and provide real-time monitor data for better decision making in farm management. This solution consist of sensor that can be easily attached to control box in greenhouse or embedded in soil on land. The sensors such as air temp/humidity, soil temp/moisture, light and carbon dioxide level are designed for specific purpose. Farm’s exact humidity, temperature and related environmental information can be monitored even the farm in outer remote. The monthly recorded data from server can be seen in farm data analytics form for better making decision in management.


Our control system is specialised to agriculture and food processing industry. With two dual-function both reading/signalling and controlling brings more efficiency and automation. 

The company has been in cooperation with government of agriculture in Myanmar and Phandeeyar, tech-hub center since the company establishment to ensure the needs in farming is solved by technology development.

Technical differentiation includes that we developed own hard-ware control system with software and web application to have constant control and monitors real-time with sensors for agri’s important data such as  air temp, humidity,soil temp, moisture, light intensity,weather, EC & PH as needed for different purposes. It has both online and offline versions.

Moreover, it provides monthly data report with IoT platform for farmers and food processors to make precise management in fertigation, spraying & drying. Moreover, the farm data analytic matrix is developed based on the variety of data from IoT platform. It provides integrated information for the land, fertigation and irrigation process, so as farmers to make better decision making and efficient management.



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