Control system for Drip Irrigation

Hydro Plant မှ
💐🌸Roof top အလှပန်းခြံစိုက်ပျိုးသူများ

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We Win the Innovation Award 2019.

Winning the Innovation Award 2019.

Presentation of HydroPlant:
Hydro Plant’s main aggrotech product is a cost-effective solar-powered smart IoT farm control system for food processors, traditional, aquaculture and hydroponic farms. With the control system, farmers can reduce operation costs, increase operational efficiency and gain consistent quality outputs. This has been proven at 70 deployed farms with 150 more farms in the pipeline.
Hydro Plant further leverages farm-level data, local weather data, and market data for smarter decision and control for better yields and efficiency.
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သင် မှိုအထွက်နှုန်းနှစ်ဆတိုးချင်ပါသလား?
Auto ရေမှုံဖြန်းစက်ကို သုံးလိုက်ပါ….

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Precision Farming (IoT Control System)

Cost-effective precision farming control system that delivers results .

With Hydro Plant control system, farmers can reduce water/nutrient costs by 60%, labor costs by 40% and production cycle by 40% with the use of real-time data while increasing yields. Full stack (hardware and software) development. The system is progressively trained for specific crops for specific weather conditions and setups Cost-effectiveness is co-created with agri experts and farmers

Control System For Mushroom

သင္ မွိုအထြက္ႏွုန္းႏွစ္ဆတိုးခ်င္ပါသလား?
ေရမွံုုျဖန္း Controlled System ကုိ
အပူခ်ိန္​(Temperature) စိုထိုင္​းဆ(Humidity)
အနိမ္​့အျမင့္ကို တိုင္းတာႏိုင္ျပီး အလုိအေလ်ာက္

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