About Us

Hydro Plant developed hardware control system that functions for farmers to control any electrical device in farms remotely to save water/nutrient costs by 60%, labour by 30% and time by 40% with the use of real-time data.

Owned technology

Programmed hardware controls and monitors real-time with sensors for agri’s important data such as air temperature, humidity, soil temperature soil moisture, light intensity, weather, EC&PH as needed for different purpose, Provides monthly data report with IoT platform for farmers and food processors to make precise management in fertigation, spraying and drying.

Our Mission

To increase productivity and save resources with affordable and accessible control system, leading as #1 system provider of smart agriculture in Myanmar

Business model 

Control system for farms and farm data analytics with consultation is our main revenue model.

The upfront costs per unit is 200 USD and the installation cost varies depending on the size of the farm and monthly data charge at 7-10 USD per users 

Market analysis and target customers

Target customers

Our primary target are mushroom growers, greenhouse farmers and government departments in agriculture. Second targets are vegetable farmers and food drying/heating processors. 

Market analysis 

The country’s GDP in agriculture worths about 18 Billion per year and 70% workforce in agriculture sector. 12.6 Million hectares are used in agriculture which is 20% of total land. Annual potential market size for smart agriculture is 1.5 Billion in Myanmar.

Marketing and Sales plan 

We had granted new users to use 15-day trial in the beginning and 67% of them become our paid users after the trial stage. 70% of customers are referred through word of mouth from past users and industrial experts and soil-media marketing channel.

Launching schedule

Online and offline versions of hardware and IoT system research and development was completed after two months of company registration. The launching was completed last month, and more than 50 units are deployed and reached to over 100 customers through training and sharing technology. 

History and vision 

Hydro Plant Co., Ltd has been founded in Aug 2018 after getting winners award of best agri-tech of 2018 from Phandeeyar, technology hub.

 The vision is to expand the market with advanced farming technology and farm analytics and other related field that will provide features into smart agriculture.

The investment

We had pre-seed funding last year and looking for seed funding of 100,000 USD for 18 months runway. The investment funding will be used for regional expansion and promoting smart  agriculture technology and hardware development for mass distribution.

What People Say

Let’s Make Myanmar Agriculture Great Again