Smart-farm system- Agriculture 4.0

“What are problems and challenges in agriculture in Myanmar”

1 High number of skilled labours who migrated to other cities and countries result in high production costs and low returns of agri business. 

2. Unexpected climate change causes the loss and damage of crops  at harvesting since most major crops are not harvested in the right time. 

3.Lack of data in quality control of farm management and food processing leaves farmers with low quality produce and eventually with low returns in sales

Auto control for Irrigation & Fertigation

IoT #Controlling Pumps & Switches # Data Monitoring

Usecase: Vegetables Farm

@Myitkyina P
Auto control for Ventilation

IoT# Controlling fans & pulleys & doors #Data Monitoring

Usecase: Solar drying

Auto control for Drying & Cooling

IoT# Controlling pressure pumps, humidifier, dryers and coolers

New products- Mini solar dryers, Humidifers designed and made by Hydro Plant

Usecase: Solar drying food, Misting and humidifying mushroom farm, Food cold storage

Solar dryer-@Natural Farm Fresh’s Project
Humidifier -Cooling System

What speciality we bring

IoT automatic control system can give users online access to real-time data and control any motors used in agriculture. Its function is simple and user-friendly. The system can substitute tedious work of farm labours and collect real-time data. It takes about 15-30 minutes to install, deploys with solar energy or electricity and costs reasonable. Over 30% of labour and resources costs (water and energy) can save up due to the automatic controlling and data monitoring system.

How we approach

Through technical training, farm advising and farm visits,  farmers and growers are aware of our brand and its benefits of using automatic IoT system and our brand. The demonstration of assembly helps distribution local agents, NGOs, local entrepreneurs and MOALI government departments to understand the product well and get more attention from farmers in outreach areas. 80% of users come from word of mouth and digital marketing.