Smart Drip Irrigation System

Our smart drip irrigation system is highly optimized and high performance drip irrigation system using the internet of things to access, monitor and maintain our data’s.

At first we are measure the water levels in resources like river, well, or bore well. After select the crop for the season and the soil type. Choose the crops  based on season and soil types and also consider the water level in resource and analyse it will enough or not for the particular crop cultivation. After analysing these parameters and also analyse the root structure of the crop because it will tells watering time duration and next watering time.

Once you can enter the watering time and duration and next watering time do not change in particular crop cultivation period. The farmer having large land and apply all for drip irrigation using gate values sensor to separate the watering time and other details.

This system allows multiple crops cultivation in same land and same time. Next install the drip irrigation system, once the drip irrigation systems are installed then install our smart devices. The device is a small  box that contains many sensors and it all controlled/ send and receive the data’s using internet. It also needs the internet in case of access from anywhere otherwise does not need. We are using sensors like temperature sensor it measures the temperature in in crop land. High temperature makes easy to dry land. Humidity sensor measures the soil humidity level. Soil moisture sensor plays major role in drip irrigation.

It will measures the soil moisture level in will fall in minimum level it will indicates to on the motor.

The system will displays the temperature, humidity, moisture, water level, PH level, soil nutrients level, and etc in LCD screen . These data’s are also saved and lively monitored in any part of the world using smart phones/ tablets/ laptops via internet. Similarly change anything from these way. This system simplifies our work and time. It uses less current and less water usability and high crop cultivation rate. The monitored data’s are analyse and maintain for E agriculture based Business intelligence analysis.

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